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A little About Epoxy Flooring…

What do a supermarket, a car showroom, and Costco have in common? They all use epoxy flooring! Epoxy is a type of material mix of resins and various hardeners. When the resin and hardeners mix, it creates a new, solid plastic-like material. Epoxy floors are incredibly strong, durable, resistant and bonds very well to most base layers. Epoxy floors are typically used in supermarkets, hospitals, sports facilities, and hospitals. 

Self-leveling epoxy floors

Used over all different types of surfaces. Whether the surface is new, old, cracked or damaged, self-leveling epoxy flooring is applied over the original surface to create a very smooth, new surface. Self-leveling epoxy floors are typically used in warehouses, showrooms, and commercial garages.

Epoxy mortar floors

The mortar floors are the strongest of all of its counterparts. It is made with 100% epoxy solids and smoothed into place. It is very resistant to impact and chemicals. The epoxy mortar floors are typically found in chemical rooms, commercial kitchens and service areas where you will typically find forklifts.

Quartz-filled epoxy

Quartz-filled epoxy floors use epoxy polymer resin. The result is a floor that is sanitary, and slip resistant. Quartz-filled epoxy floors are typically found in school cafeterias, restrooms, and locker rooms. 

Anti-static epoxy floors

Anti-static epoxy floors are not only incredibly durable, but they are also incredibly safe. There are many work environments that carry electrostatic charges. Having an Anti-static epoxy floor can eliminate that hazard for employers and employees. It makes the overall work environment safer. Anti-static epoxy floors can typically be found in electric, chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Epoxy anti-static floor coating

This floor is mainly used in locations that use static sensitive equipment. Epoxy anti-static floor coatings are commonly found in laboratories, hospitals and electronics equipment manufacturing plants. 

Epoxy terrazzo floor coating 

Epoxy terrazzo floor coating is one that is decorative. It is commonly found in lobbies, commercial building entrances, schools, and office buildings. It offers easy cleaning and gives your structure a hint of beauty.

Epoxy flake floors

They are a strong coating that is used to withstand high traffic areas. It’s easy to clean, and can not only be able to handle heavy foot traffic but vehicle traffic as well. 

Although concrete is a very strong material, humidity and moisture can affect its compaction. The more moisture and humidity are in contact with concrete, the less it retains strength and durability. Concrete moisture testing is essential in keeping commercial properties as safe as possible. Usually, if you’re having a concrete floor installed, having the base tested for humidity is highly necessary and secure. 

If a concrete slab is not properly dried, excess moisture evaporates. If there was a seal placed before the concrete slab has dried, your floors can be vulnerable to debonding, and overall damage to your flooring project. Condensation is not your friend when installing an epoxy floor.

To ensure your epoxy flooring is properly installed, it is best to make sure the concrete under it is totally dry. Test your concrete’s levels of moisture before installing your epoxy floors. There are two different ways to test the moisture of a concrete floor: The calcium chloride test, and the standard test method. Although the calcium chloride test is not normally honored by many warranties because it only tests the vapor emissions that come to the surface, not what’s below. 

The standard method for determining the humidity in a concrete slab is widely accepted because it is a much more accurate measurement of the humidity within the floor, instead of on the surface. To test the humidity within the floor, the hole has to be drilled into the slab. Probes are placed in the holes and left for about 72 hours for the most accurate reading.

Taking the necessary steps to properly install your epoxy floor not only saves you time, but it also saves you a lot of money. Once your floors are properly installed, they can last years.