When it comes to the installation of floor coverings, moisture testing in concrete floors is absolutely essential.

Without knowing the moisture situation of a slab, it can be difficult to tell if the floor covering can be installed without any issues. If enough moisture is in the slab and the floor covering is not able to hold it, serious damage can result. This is not only expensive to repair, but the liability of those involved in the project can be an issue.

Advanced Moisture Testing provides several different ASTM tests for your convenience.


This test, also known as the Calcium Chloride Test, is used to determine the rate of moisture emitted from a concrete slab. The results determine the acceptability and condition of the floor covering. This evaluation is needed to avoid costly repairs, liability issues, and reinstalling the entire floor.

F2420 Concrete Surface RH

Additionally known as the Hood Test, this test determines the relative humidity above the surface of a concrete slab. During this procedure, a thermally insulted hood is placed on and sealed to the slab. This measures the relative humidity, temperature and dew point within it.

F710 pH

Our pH Test determines the acceptability of a concrete floor based on the alkalinity or acidity of the slab. This is intended for the installation of resilient flooring.

Core Testing

When it comes to testing concrete, this is an extremely useful procedure. Core testing consists of drilling a portion of the slab out and sending it to a lab for testing. This is completed by professionals who provide a complete analysis of the slab’s components, as well as how much of each is used. The results help determine if certain contaminants are present in the slab, which would affect the installation of the floor covering.

F2170 Concrete In-Situ RH

Advanced Moisture Testing utilizes this test to determine the relative humidity in a concrete slab. This is accomplished by installing a probe into the slab, which tracks and measures the humidity inside the slab itself. The test gives an accurate result of the moisture that exists within it. When excessive moisture permeates from the slab after an installation, floor covering systems can fail from debonding, deterioration, buckling, and other moisture related issues.

Contour Mapping

Our contour mapping program allows us to show estimated moisture content throughout the entire floor layout. This is based on the readings we record from initial test sites. The end result is a visible description of what our client’s floor moisture content actually looks like.

Thermal Imaging

Advanced Moisture Testing utilizes a specialized thermal imaging camera to detect moisture buildup inside walls, using differences in temperature. It’s used to:

Prevent the buildup of mold

Find leaks in ceilings

Detect moisture buildup behind walls

Find water leaks

Find air leaks

Detect missing insulation

For every job, we bring professional quality equipment that’s operated by fully trained and knowledgeable technicians. We look forward to helping you with your moisture testing needs.