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Various moisture problems can occur in flooring surfaces. Advanced Moisture testing has outlined the most prominent ones below.
adhesive breakdown


When moisture comes up through the concrete, it can build up in between the concrete and floor coating. Over time, this results in the breakdown of the adhesive, which leads to the floor finish popping up or blistering.

blistering concrete


Blistering of floor coverings and coating can happen when enough moisture rises to the surface of the concrete, then gets trapped in between the floor coating and the concrete. This ultimately causing the coating to pop up.

mold and mildew


If enough moisture is left to sit in between the concrete and floor coating for a long period of time, mold can grow under the floor coating. This can result in air quality issues for the building, which can affect the health of your employees.



This type of moisture problem can be caused by soluble salts in the material, moisture in the concrete to dissolve the salts, and enough vapor transmission to move the solution towards the concrete’s surface. Although efflorescence is generally harmless, it’s unattractive and excessive amounts of it can make the surface expand.

curling floor tiles


Moisture related issues can cause all of these problems. The majority of them come from too much moisture being trapped in between the concrete and floor coating. Slab curling in particular often happens due to the differences in temperature and moisture between the surface and the base of the concrete slab.


A moisture test will help meet flooring manufacturers’ requirements, as well as conform to project specifications and industry standards. Furthermore, it’ll assist in avoiding potential contractual issues and major flooring problems.

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