The Importance of Moisture Testing

Moisture testing can help you determine if your building is suffering from excessive humidity. It can also help determine whether you need to conduct further evaluation. In addition, the tests can be performed even if the HVAC system has not been operating for 48 hours. To perform a test, make sure that you have an open window in the building. Once the air-conditioning unit has been running, you should wait 48 hours to do the moisture testing. This is to ensure that you can get an accurate reading.

When it comes to the time and place for moisture testing, the most important factor is the tester. A professional should have sufficient knowledge about the materials and their properties, as well as be familiar with the correct use of tools and adjustment tables. When using a moisture meter, it is crucial to record the results accurately. The inspector will want to see all of the results and documentation so that they can make informed decisions. Performing the test yourself can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

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It is important to know what type of moisture meter to use. Ideally, a meter will have a range from 0 to 100%. This means that it can test a wide range of moisture levels. The tester should have all of the necessary conversion charts and adjustment tables for different types of material. The test should be conducted at 20 places on every square foot. You should always document the results, as high levels in one area can lead to further complications. Moisture testing is important for anyone suffering from water damage contact advanced moisture today for help.