Humidity Test Long Island

Moisture Testing provides reliable moisture testing on all surfaces for commercial, industrial and retail buildings. Moisture testing is a very important procedure that should be completed before installing a new floor.  If there is too much moisture present under a floor covering, the floor may buckle, accumulate mold, or cause the flooring adhesive to come off.

If you are looking to have a humidity test performed in your Long Island or NYC  business for your concrete floor, then contact Advanced Moisture Testing.  If you are installing flooring or a floor covering over a concrete floor, then it is imperative to have a moisture or humidity test performed at your Long Island home or business prior to installing the floor. If there is too much humidity, it creates moisture on the concrete slab, and the flooring will not adhere to the surface, resulting in serious damage to the floor.

A humidity test on Long Island (also referred to as a Hood Test) can determine the relative humidity above the surface of a concrete slab. During this testing phase, a thermally insulted hood is placed on and sealed to the concrete slab. This measures the relative humidity, temperature and dew point within it.

Another recommended humidity test, common on Long Island, is used to determine the relative humidity within a concrete slab. This test is performed by installing a probe into the concrete slab, which tracks and measures the humidity inside the slab itself. The test gives an accurate result of the moisture that exists within the concrete slab.

In addition to a humidity test performed at your Long Island establishment, Advanced Moisture Testing can perform core testing, contour mapping and thermal imaging tests.  Contour mapping allows us to show estimated moisture content throughout the entire floor layout, based on the readings we record from initial test sites. Advanced moisture testing utilizes a specialized thermal imaging camera to detect moisture buildup inside walls, using differences in temperature.

Before your floor installation, contact Advanced Moisture Testing to perform a humidity test at your Long Island business as well as any other necessary moisture tests.  Our fully-trained, professional and knowledgeable staff has experience in conducting a humidity test on Long Island as well as all types of moisture testing. Our company is ICRI certified and this distinct certification allows us to provide increased accuracy in every test result, so that we can advise our customers on how they should proceed with their flooring projects.

It is very important to have a moisture or humidity test performed on your Long Island concrete slab or surface before you begin your flooring project.  A humidity test performed on Long Island can give you an accurate reading of how much moisture is present on and within the concrete surface. A moisture or humidity test that is completed in your Long Island business, prior to starting on your flooring project, can help meet flooring manufacturers’ requirements and prevent potential contractual issues and major flooring problems in the future.

Contact Advanced Moisture Testing at 631-567-9269 for the necessary moisture testing before you start any of your flooring projects.