Concrete Moisture Testing Companies

If you have been considering moisture testing for your home or business location, contact Advanced Moisture Testing one of the best concrete moisture testing companies on Long Island. We are an experienced concrete moisture testing company that provides reliable concrete moisture testing for commercial, industrial and retail buildings. Advanced Moisture Testing is so much more reliable and experienced than all the other concrete moisture testing companies.
There are not many qualified concrete moisture testing companies around, so if you want quality service, when it comes to moisture testing, get in touch with the experts at Advanced Moisture Testing. Concrete moisture testing is a very important process that should be considered before you install a new floor in a home or business. If there is too much moisture present on concrete under any floor covering, the floor may buckle, accumulate mold, or cause the flooring adhesive to come off. This can be a very dangerous situation.
If you have been searching for concrete moisture testing companies that service Long Island and the tristate area, contact Advanced Moisture Testing. We service customers from all over and we can handle residential or business locations. If you are installing a floor over a concrete surface then it is very important to have concrete moisture testing performed at your home or business prior to installing the floor. If there is too much humidity, it can create moisture on the concrete slab, and the flooring will not adhere to the surface, resulting in serious damage to the floor.
Compared to other concrete moisture testing companies, only Advanced Moisture Testing provides the highest quality service to all of its customers. They were established in 20111 and have a fully-trained, professional and knowledgeable staff with years of experience conducting moisture testing in all types of homes. Their company is ICRI certified and this distinct certification allows them to provide increased accuracy in every test result.
And, compared to other concrete moisture testing companies that offer very limited services, Advanced Moisture Testing is a well-known concrete moisture testing company that also performs other types of moisture tests. They can perform core testing, contour mapping and thermal imaging tests at any home. The Advanced Moisture Testing Company utilizes a specialized thermal imaging camera to detect moisture buildup inside walls, using differences in temperature.
Before contacting any other concrete moisture testing companies, call Advanced Moisture Testing. They are a concrete moisture testing company that can perform concrete moisture testing at your home or business. They can also take care of any other necessary moisture tests that may be necessary before you start a flooring, building or construction project in your home or commercial location.
If you are planning a flooring project, a moisture test can help meet flooring manufacturers’ requirements and conform to project specifications and industry standards. Moisture testing can help to avoid potential contractual issues and major flooring problems. Call Advanced Moisture Testing, one of the most experienced concrete moisture testing companies on Long Island, at 631-567-9269. They are one of the best concrete moisture testing companies around and the only one you need for moisture testing services.